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Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Global financial impact of Coronavirus is hard to digest. Small Businesses Across North America are the blood Line to our economy. These Entrepreneurs are the risk takers, the venture seekers that have worked day and night to fulfill a dream of being there own boss. Whether your a small independent Restaurant Owner, Salon or Barber Shop , an independent retailer, the list goes on and on, you our the ones that are feeling the impact of this Global Pandemic.

I obtained this chart from a Small Business Network that did a study on the Impact of Covid-19 on 364,000 Small Business owners across North America. These stats don't lie, over the next few weeks or months the amount of For Lease or For Sale signs that will be on front doors of thousands of Small businesses across North America will complete break my heart.

Every Entrepreneur that has been affected by this Economic Atomic Bomb on our Economy, PLEASE Stay Strong, Be Resourceful, NO ONE can take your Entrepreneurial Drive and Heart away. Grab and Pen and Paper, and lay out your next steps, your next 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks. PLAN PLAN PLAN and be flexible with your plan as the market changes, North America and I am counting on ALL of YOU, to help get us back on our two feet as a Society.

Remember "Always Move Forward"


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