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The Jeff Knows Inc. Show is an Entrepreneurial Driven Podcast, hosted by Toronto based serial Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes.   Jeff contributes his rapid growth of the Podcast to the quality of the shows guests.  It is incredible to see the excitement from guests like Evan Carmichael and David Meltzer to be on your show.  Jeff hosts the Podcast like an open conversation between friends, which seems to make the guests feel at home.   The conversations flow and focus on family, business, life and goals.  Jeff using the platform to allow the audience to learn about the journeys of guests get inspired and educated all in a fun entertaining way.


As a proud father of two, family man, Jeff has built an impressive resume with over 24 years as a Entrepreneur.  His passion for brand building has led to globally known brands like Kimurawear from his home basement to a multi-million dollar corporation that has sold well over a quarter million pairs of boxing gloves worldwide since inception.   In 2008 when Jeff’s second child was born, the family faced a life changing moment.  He quickly realized that in order to focus on his son, he needed to alter his business paths and passive income revenues became a goal.  That became the inception of True Blue Homes and the investment into Vacation Rental's began.  The portfolio is now filled with properties in the Beautiful Northern parts of Ontario, Canada from The Blue Mountains to Muskoka.



Over the last few years, Jeff Lopes has allocated time towards giving back to young Entrepreneurs, by Coaching and Mentoring.   Jeff stated his Purpose is fatherhood and passion is to teach fellow Father Entrepreneurs a balance between Dad / Business, guiding them to build family memories, financial freedom and happiness.

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